The casino has 3 electronic roulettes with a total of 28 slot machines that offer gaming pleasure. You can pay for participation in the game with banknotes or playing cards. The value of the paid or received credit is displayed throughout the game on the screen of each gaming site. The value of the bet is determined within the specified minimum and maximum bet value, which is different for each roulette. Loans, received up to € 2,000, are paid directly to Roulette. Pressing the CASH OUT / PAY OUT button prints a note.

ECONOMIC journal. Gaming is paid over this amount. The player can place different combinations. Bets will be added to an existing loan in the event of a victory.

RESULT hits in to your account in the following way:

  • full (1 number) = bet x 36
  • kaval (2 numbers) = bet x 18
  • Full transversal (3 numbers) = bet x 12
  • kare (4 numbers) = bet x 9
  • simple transversal (6 numbers) = bet x 6
  • column / dozen (12 numbers) = bet x 3
  • simple betting (soda-liha, red-black, 1-18, 19-36) = bet x 2


Among the card games, the Black Jack is currently the most popular and there are various types of poker. The slot games or rollerblades vary depending on whether they have mechanical wheels that can be rotated either with the key either with the popular lever on the player (the Reel slot game), or they have a video roller (only on the screen) it is possible to rotate either with the button on the machine or with the on-screen button – in the case of the Touch screen (the Video slot game). Roller games vary in number of riders, the number of winning lines, in content, and in the number or type of additional (bonus) winnings, and the common feature of all is the easy way to play. The player determines the number of winning lines he will bet and the value of the bet (stake) of each line, and then with the or. the handle rotates the wheel. All winning combinations are displayed on the screen, and winnings are added to the existing loan. Slot machines can be paid directly with cash or tickets. The value of the paid-in loan is always visible on the gaming machine display. Profits in the amount of 500 € are payable directly to the machine with the CASH OUT / PAY OUT key, the slot machine prints a cashable cashout or CASH OUT card, while larger gains are paid by the gaming staff.