Become a member of the Prestige Players Club and get many benefits. You can collect points with your prestige card. Collect more points and get more money back! The points are collected on the basis of the stake in the game. Every 1,000 points collected will bring you 10 €! You can sign the entry statement at the reception desk of the gaming salon and immediately receive the card. With a view to responsible gaming club we accept people above 21 years of age.


All levels:
– quick entry
– cash back
– money return
– participation in prize games
– gifts of surprise
– one-off bonuses
– free nights / parties
– notification of marketing actions (SMSs are free of charge)

Standard level
– When submitting your mobile number, we give you the first 500 points on the Prestige card.
Silver level of the Prestige card
– One time (at the first level switch) – award of 10,000 points (equivalent of 100,00 €).
– An additional 12.50% bonus for collecting points.

Gold level card Prestige
– Once (at the first level switch)
– award of 50,000 points (equivalent of 500,00 €).
– An additional 25% bonus for collecting points.

Platinum level Prestige card
– One time (at the first level switch) – award of 100,000 points (equivalent of € 1,000.00).
– An additional 50% bonus for collecting points.

Sign-off of receiving sms notifications: personally at the reception of the gaming hall, fill out the form or send an e-mail to and provide your information (name, phone number).